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About Us - Campground - Redevelopment RFP Questions & Answers

Questions from consultants regarding the campground redevelopment RFP will be posted along with response. Questions must be received prior to January 24, 2019.


1. What type of base files are available for this project? Do you have fully developed vector files with detailed roadway, servicing, vegetation and grading information that will be provided to the successful proponent in a CAD or GIS file format upon award? OR Do you expect this proposal to include a fee for acquiring or compiling an appropriate and up to date base file for the project? Do you anticipate needing a professional survey of the existing condition to allow for accurate construction documents to be produced?

We do not have detailed vector files. Any field work required in order to provide the requested construction documents should be itemized in your proposal so your bid can be properly evaluated.


2. It is unclear within the requested scope of work if Step 4 Construction Documents are required only for phase 1 construction of whatever phasing strategy evolves during the planning process or whether you will be looking for a full set of construction plans for the entire build out of the Redevelopment Plan. Can you please clarify what you are seeking?

We are seeking a set of construction plans for phase one.


3. The Evaluation matrix indicates 10pts will be awarded for Municipal Experience. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? Are you looking for municipal engineering experience or municipal development work on similar recreation and park projects with other RM’s such as yourselves?


We are looking for municipal experience relevant to the scope of this project.


4. The RFP does not stipulate how many references you would like. Is there a minimum or maximum number you are looking for?

A maximum of 3 will be sufficient.


5. Since the electrical service at the RV Park is currently insufficient can you indicate if there is a larger distribution line that will be available to the park expansion? Is this main line / transformer in close proximity to the site or within another part of Quarry Park?


Currently sites have 30 amp power. Many of the newer, larger RV units have 50 amp plugs. We do not want to restrict electrical service options solely to what is currently available in close proximity to the site. The project will need first explore what type of services would be required to meet the needs and then determine the best course of action to provide this service to the campground.


6. You indicate a desire to expand Camping opportunities and to separate camping types in the RFP. Are there additional lands near the existing park boundary you wish to consider of should all growth be contemplated within the current Quarry Park boundaries?


All growth should be confined within the current boundaries of Quarry Park.


7. In addition to the expansion of camping spots can you also indicate if there are required upgrades and expansion to the washrooms and shower facilities? Do you anticipate wanting or needing a second set of these buildings based the increased number of users?


There are currently 2 sets of washrooms & 1 set of showers. The need for upgrades/additional facilities will depend on the issues and priorities identified during the review process.


8. In order to develop an accurate fee we would like to know how you plan to construct this project. Will you: a) be constructing the work with town forces? , b) be constructing the work via a traditional bid build contract? , or c) be constructing the work in a design build fashion with a mix of in house and local contractor assistance.


A decision on construction method has not been made. Once we have a plan for redevelopment we will choose the most appropriate method to bring the plan to fruition.