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About Us - Stonewall's History - The Limestone Quarries

The limestone quarries have a long history in Stonewall. Within a few years of the town's inception they were up and running, cooking limestone rock into lime powder or quicklime as it was also called. The quarries drew workers from all around and with the workers came their families. As the quarry grew so did the town.

During the quarries first few years of operation workers used pot kilns to cook the limestone into powder. The pot kiln's were like large fire pits and were very inefficient. However in the early nineteen hundreds the pot kilns were replaced by draw kilns, some of which are still standing today. Where the pot kilns were like fire pits the draw kilns were like giant ovens that could cook and dispense quicklime around the clock.

The quarries continued to thrive for over seventy years until the nineteen sixties when traces of iron began to be found within the lower levels of limestone. The iron contaminated limestone could not produce good quality lime powder and even caused little miniature explosions in the kilns. Eventually this would lead to the quarries closure in 1967.

However that was not the end of the limestone business in Stonewall. The same rock that produced such good quality quicklime can be found throughout the area and to this day there are still quarries operating around the town, although none of them have impacted the town in the same way as the first.